One month ago, I had my first public talk about Bitcoin at the Java User Group Torino.

It was a long time since my last presentation in front of a technical audience, and my feels was that I didn’t do very well.

Mostly I identified some errors:

  • When you speak in front of an audience, you need to know VERY WELL your slides: you never have to need to read/translate them. Possibly you don’t even need to have more than a look.
    This also help in confidence in what you are doing. So: more preparation and training in public speaking would help me. And practice.
  • I completely underestimated the amount of information in the slides compared to the available time. I thought that I could explain what/why/how bitcoin, in a couple of hours, especially the technical overview, it takes at least 4 hours to have a good overview.
  • I didn’t do a great job conducting the discussion. My idea was to have an open discussion, with free questions anytime; but this didn’t help to keep a track in the development of the discussion. Something that could help, would be to allow free questions, but sticking to a plan: an answer like “this will be discussed in detail later, so keep these question for latter time”, would have probably helped. I need to learn more on how this problem could be faced in the best way. On the other side, I don’t like presentations “in one direction” with the questions at the end: personal taste.

By the way, people from the audience allowed to have a video record of the talk using smart phones. It’s in Italian.

Bitcoin e Blockchain - Luigi Viggiano

After the meeting, I was a bit disappointed with myself. But having seen the video yesterday, I realized that it was not so bad after all. I kind of liked it, actually.

The slides, are available here: I shared the source code for the slides, so eventually if someone wants to use, adapt or improve them, is more than welcome.

I am available to any organization or company, to bring what I learned about crypto and bitcoin everywhere with a talk like this, free of charge (except for the travel expenses).

I think that this technology is really promising and I hope that talking about it, can bring a new dimension in my technical career, meet new people, and contribute rethinking the world.

If you want to host a bitcoin talk in Italian or English, and you are just willing to cover travel expenses, I am available.